Tata Code of Conduct

"The Tata philosophy of management has always been and is today more than ever, that corporate enterprises must be managed not merely in the interests of their owners, but equally in those of their employees, of the consumers of their products, of the local community and finally of the country as a whole”.
J R D Tata

The Tata Code of Conduct is integral to the Indian Steel Wire and Products Ltd. Its business values and practices are strictly based on the dictat in the TCOC. It is this adherence to business ethics and principles that has been instrumental in ISWP carving a niche for itself. TCOC is the very foundation of the Company. It is the testament for the employees to follow the shared values, ethics and business principles in their personal and professional conduct. In its endeavour to further uphold its commitment to “the Code”, ISWP celebrates the month of July as ‘Ethics Month’. To mark of this occasion, several programmes and events are held at its business units.

Observance to the TCOC is from the top to the grass-root level. The senior leaders of the Company lead by example, creating and sustaining a viable work environment.  

The TCOC is followed in letter and spirit, apparent in all spheres of the Company’s businesses, whether it be the workforce, key suppliers and partners, customers or stakeholders. ISWP’s commitment to ‘the Code’ is visible in its strategies and daily operations towards societal well-being as well.

No stone has been left unturned in ensuring that TCOC is practically applied in the daily functioning of the Company. Policies, such as the Whistle Blower Policy and Consequence Management have been formulated and implemented towards this end.

Whistle Blowing:
ISWPL has introduced the ‘Whistle ‘Blower Policy’, for its employees, suppliers, customers and business partners. The concerned individual may report any breach in the Code of Conduct including dishonesty, corruption, fraud, labour and human rights concerns, environmental damage or any other unethical behaviour. Third party helpline system is also available for reporting any concern. "SPEAK UP"

Anti Sexual Harassment at Work Place
ISWPL has established a “Prevention of Sexual Harassment- POSH” Committee, for the prevention of sexual harassment of its women employees. Headed by a female employee, the Committee functions on a frame-work of guidelines, which define the scope of law, composition of the committee, reporting structure and concern resolution framework for handling cases of sexual harassment.

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