ISWPL in the journey of India`s Safest Working Place in Safety, Health & Environment:
As member of Tata Steel Group ISWP strives to reach greater heights, and we are focusing on continual improvement in the area of safety, health and environment. We also aspire to be India`s Safest Working Place (ISWP) and safety, health & environment is the topmost priority in ISWPL.
ISWPL is committed to ensuring zero harm to its employees, contractor and the communities in large. This is integral to the company`s business process and is laid down in the Company`s health and safety policies, standards and working procedures.
We have internalized and follow our safety principles which are based on the belief that all injuries can be prevented. Safety is the responsibility of line management and an essential condition for employment in ISWPL. In order to realize our vision of zero harm culture at ISWPL we :

  1. Ensure that before start of any activity, standard operating procedure (SOP) has been prepared with hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA) and implementation of controls and the concerned workforce has been trained on it.
  2. Follow the Life Saving Rules.
  3. Own the workforce by being accountable for their safety.
  4. Set examples everyday by demonstrating felt leadership by our actions and words.
  5. Consider safety issues the same way as we consider issues related to cost, productivity and project completion.
  6. Ensure all contract workmen are properly trained to work safely.
  7. Ensure that workforce observe all safety norms to avoid incidents while on work.

Process Safety Risk Management:
To prevent major incidents such as explosion, fire or release of toxic gases and molten metal we start Process Safety Risk Management (PSRM).Our company assesses all the processes for potential risk and creates and implements effective process safety management controls in all processes.
Health and Safety originates from our values and beliefs. It is embedded in everyone`s responsibility matrix. At ISWPL everyone considers that safety is important so that we find many ways to improve safety at workplace.
All line Managers support towards strict compliance to safety norms and procedures. We aspire to be the benchmark in safety in similar industries.


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