JEMCO has the best combination of melting furnaces to manufacture different grades and types of customized product like rolls and engineering castings. JEMCO has two Arc Furnaces of 10 MT and 5 MT which are used to manufacture high strength alloy iron, high quality SG iron and alloy steel rolls. The 8 MT main frequency Coreless Induction furnace is used for small and medium size Cast Iron, Steel and SG Rolls.These furnaces are also used for manufacturing of various grades of engineering casting. The Dual Track Induction Furnace of 0.75 MT and 1.5 MT is used for high alloyed low weight castings and rolls. These furnaces, also provide highly alloyed shell metal for static cast rolls. The wide variety of Furnaces offer full flexibility in production of rolls and engineering casting of different sizes and weights. Melting is carried out using segregated scrap, pig iron and ferro alloys to achieve the desired composition.


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JEMCO has small Research & development center to cater following purpose:
  • Improvement in existing products like sleeve etc
  • New product development
It has also the access to advance research facilities of National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML) and Tata Steel for its bigger projects


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  • Team of metallurgist available to have a control on the process. All of them have a background of metallurgy as their primary subject in the curriculum. It is emphasized that people should know why they are doing something, rather than how it’s being done.
  • Quality Plan and SOP formulation is the key process of QA. After standardization it s being circulated to the concerned departments.
  • Regular audits under Quality Management System are being done to asses the compliance of the SOP.
  • Entire process, from selection of raw material (both incoming and in process) to dispatch of finished product goes through series of quality control checks.
  • Well equipped QA Laboratory available – Spectrometer, Image Analyzer, C-Si-S Analyzer, Tensile Testing Machine, Electronic Weighing Scale etc.
  • Computer controlled emission spectrometer analysis for bath sample
  • Surface Hardness testing done by conventional hardness testing equipment
  • Metallographic & mechanical tests are carried out to keep a constant check on the desired structural constituents, strength & homogeneity of the product
  • Ultrasound Testing conducted to ensure the internal soundness of the product
  • Hydraulic testing for hollow roll is an unique process at JEMCO
Each product is dispatched along with valid Test Certificate


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  • Electrically controlled Heat Treatment furnaces to take care of good control and least pollution generation.
  • Best of it’s kind, none of the domestic competitors have Electrical HT Furnace
  • Microprocessor based control of temperature fluctuation ensures variation by < 300C
  • Annealing & Stress Relieving cycle programmed as per the product.
  • Mist cooling for Graphitic Steel


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JEMCO has well equipped Foundry & Melting shop with following details:
  • Two Arc Furnaces – 5 MT & 10 MT capacity
  • Two Induction Furnaces
  • Main frequency 8 MT capacity
  • Dual Track Medium Frequency – 0.75 MT & 1.5 MT capacity
  • Ladles of various sizes both of Lip pouring & Bottom pouring types.
  • Weighing Facility for Charge
  • In-house refractory repair facilities
  • 24 MT of liquid metal is possible to have at a time
  • Can prepare all types of Metals like Cast Iron & Steel
  • Development of New production line for Special castings
  • Availability of different sizes of chillers and moulds to cater to custom design
  • Availability of Pattern Making facility


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JEMCO has robust Machine Shop with following which can take care of all machining operation required for manufacturing of a roll. For each roll there is a quality plan for machining.
  • Duplex Milling Machines
  • Drilling Machines
  • Hand finishing sections
  • Rough Turning Machines
  • CNC Finishing Machines
  • CNC Grinding Machines
  • Conventional Grinding Machines
  • Flute Cutting Machines
The range of Roll that can be machined is from 280 mm to 1400 mm (gross diameter).


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  • Licensed AutoCAD software availability for translating Customer drawing to internal standard
  • Capability of designing the CNC program as per drawing.
  • Communication through Lotus Notes
  • ERP through Microsoft Business Solution Navision 0.4
  • Easy access to internet for knowledge sharing
  • There is a plan in future to connect all suppliers and customers through ERP.


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All measuring instruments and all controllers are calibrated as per the desired frequency.


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  • Finance & Accounts
  • Human Resource & Administration
  • Maintenance
  • Purchase & Store
  • Planning & Logistics


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