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Year 2016
  • ISWPL has been placed in the 500-550 score band of the CII HR Excellence Assessment and have been awarded with "Significant Achievement in HR Excellence." This is a band jump from the previous 450-500 score band.
September 2014
  • Visit to ISWPL was made by Mr. B Muthuraman.
  • Distributor's Meet - 2014 was conducted on 19th Sept'14. More than 80% distributors attended the program and made it a grand success.
  • First time challenged the CII - HR Excellence Award. The assessment was done from 1st Sept'14 to 4th Sept'14.
August 2014
  • A new initiative was launched - "Team Time with HR" to improve officers engagement.
  • ISWPL faced the TBEM Assessment 2014 from 16th Aug'14 to 23rd Aug'14. During the assessment, the team of assessors visited all our plants i.e. Rod Mill, Wire Mill, JEMCO & Fasteners and interacted with our Senior Management team, Union, Employees, EPAs, Distributors, Suppliers and Customers. ISWPL was placed in the band of 450-550 scores.
July 2014
  • On 28th July 2014, ISWPL has cleared the First stage assessment of TPM Excellence Award Category "A". The Assessment was done by Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM). The stage two assessment is scheduled in the month of January 2015.
  • July month was observed as Ethics Month. The month was inaugurated with Ethics pledge taking by employees of ISWP and JEMCO by Managing Director and Union President. During this month events like slogan competition, quizzes were organised to spread the awareness among the employees on Ethics. At the closing ceremony the winners of the competitions were suitably rewarded.
  • On 1st July 2014 IT department launched two facilities at ISWP - Hospital Management System and Knowledge Management.
June 2014
  • June month was observed as Environment Month. During this month events like slogan competition, quizzes and sit & draw competitions were organised to spread the awareness on conservation of environment. At the closing ceremony the winners of the competitions were suitably rewarded.
  • World Environment Day on 5th June 2014 was celebrated with pledge taking, tree plantation and distribution of green trees. More that 500 saplings were distributed to the employees to plant at there houses.
  • Poster competition for the employee wards was conducted during the month. The theme for the competition was "Healthy Air, Healthy Water, Healthy Mind". More than 80 No. of children participated and made the event a grand success.
  • SMS facility for faster and effective communication of information to all employees was started in July.
May 2014
Sweet memories with Mr Cyrus Mistry Sweet memories with Mr Cyrus Mistry

April 2014
  • On 1st of April 2014, with the onset of new financial year, celebration was done at Rod Mill, Wire Mill and JEMCO for record breaking production in the month of March.
  • Second week of April was celebrated at Fire Safety Week. During this week, awareness session on fire safety was done and also various competition were organized among the employees.
  • Open session organised for society women to encourage them for participation in forthcoming Lok Sabha Election – Power of 49.
March 2014
  • March is celebrated as Safety Month. Inauguration of the Safety Month was done on National Safety Day by Managing Director and President Wire Products Labour Union. On this day Safety Flag hoisting was done both at ISWP and JEMCO and all employees took safety pledge. Throughout this month lots of events were conducted such as Safety Quiz competition, Slogan Competition, Safety Skit Competition and Awareness sessions. The winners were suitably rewarded during the closing ceremony.
  • On occasion of Founder’s day on 3rd March 2014, homage to the founder was paid by participating in the procession at Tata Steel showcasing our products and activities.
  • Kick-off for formulating Annual Business Plan for Financial Year 2014-2015 was done by Managing Director.
  • International Women days was celebrated at ISWPL. On this occasion a session by BramhaKumaris was taken for UDAAN group.
  • TAAP Assessment 2013-2014 was done at ISWPL by TQMS. Three member assessment team visited all the affirmative action programs run by ISWPL site during the assessment.
  • Voter’s registration camp was put up to facilitate employees to get their name and their family members name registered in Voter’s list. The objective was to maximize the participation of employees in forthcoming LokSabha Election.
February 2014
  • Inauguration of Sports and stitching training center at Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Potka by Managing Director for AA Community.
  • First consignment of Fasteners was flag off by Managing Director.
  • Welding Technology training was organized for the employee.
  • Meeting with UDAAN- an initiative for women employee, was held with managing Director.
January 2014
  • Applied to Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance for TPM Excellence Award (Category A).
  • Undergone TPM Heath Check on 29th Jan 2014 by CII- TPM Club India and has successfully cleared it to apply for JIPM Award.
  • TAAP 2013-2014 Application was submitted to TQMS for this year’s assessment.
  • Republic Day way celebrated at ISWP and JEMCO by hoisting of National Flag by Managing Director.
  • Kick-off done of Strategy and Vision formulation exercise PROJECT SANKALP by Managing Director.
  • Rod Mill declared Dec 2013 as highest ever production month of 21,162 MT.
  • Cake Cutting was done to celebrate New Year 2014at ISWP and JEMCO by Mr. Neeraj Kant, Managing Director.
December 2013
  • ISWPL celebrated 20th December 2013 as "ISWP Day". On this day many events were organised such as Blood Donation Camp and Tree Plantation at JEMCO and Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Camp at ISWP Hospital. On this day, two new initiatives were inaugurated - Fastener Division and Hospital Information Management System.
  • Ladies Day out was organised for Women Employees under UDAAN Banner.
  • ISWP- JEMCO Division participated in the Annual Flower Show 2014 organised at Jamshedpur.
November 2013
  • ISWPL has been declared out of BIFR scheme. On this occasion, ISWPL management invited Mr. B. Muthuraman to visit the company to be part of the happy moment for the company.
  • November was celebrated as Quality Month. The inauguration of the month was done by Flag Hoisting by Mr. Rakeshwar Pandey, President, WPLU and Mr Neeraj Kant, MD, ISWPL. The whole month was celebrated with awareness sessions on quality theme, quiz competitions and slogan competitions.
  • Awareness session on Prevention of Sexual Harassment for Male employees was conducted by Mrs. Rekha Seal, Consultant, TQMS. Distributor's Meet was organised for Welding Electrode and MIG Welding Wires Business at Taj Bengal, Kolkata All the Distributors attended the meet.
  • Under UDAAN Banner, GM - HR/IR and Admin had meeting with Female employees.
  • Vigilance Week observed from 18 Nov to 23 Nov 2013, which was inaugurated with pledge. The whole week was celebrated with slogan competition and quiz competition.
October 2013
  • On 31st October 2013, Mr H M Nerurkar, MD Tata Steel and Mr. T V Narendran, MD Designate, Tata Steel visited ISWPL and inaugurated the newly modified ISWP Hospital.
July 2013
  • Launch of “UDAAN” an annual initiative to Engage, Empower & Motivate the women employees at ISWPL
  • Blood Sugar and Blood pressure camp organized at ISWPL Hospital for employees and their family members in which 70 persons participated
  • Session on TCOC and Sexual Harassment at work place was taken by Mrs Rekha Seal from TQMS
  • July being celebrated at Ethics Month. Inauguration of the month was done by taking ethics pledge by employees.
  • JEMCO Division of ISWPL was awarded with ISO 14001: 2004 and 18001: 2007 certificates for implemented Environment, Health and Safety Management System by IRQS after successful completion of Stage II audit.
  • Poster competition was conducted for employee wards on World Environment Day.
  • World Environment Day was celebrated on 5th June’13. Mr Neeraj Kant, Managing Director, ISWPL and other employees of the company planted tree to commemorate this day.
  • TBEM 2013 application was submitted to TQMS office for this year assessments.
  • June is being celebrated as Environment Month
March 2013
  • March is being observed as Safety Month
  • 4th March 2013 was celebrated as National Safety Day. On this day Safety Flag was hoisted by MD ISWP and all employees and contractors employee took safety pledge.
  • Safety Skit Competition was also conducted in which teams from JEMCO and ISWP participated. This year for first time contractor’s team was also made to participate in the competition. The winner was JEMCO Machine Shop team and 1st Runners up were M/s R R Enterprise’s Team (JEMCO Contractor).
  • 15th and 16th March 2013 is STAGE 1 audit of JEMCO for Established Environment, Health and Safety Management System under guidelines of ISO 14001: 2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007. The audit will be conducted by IRQS, Kolkata.
February 2013
  • Tata Affirmative Action Programme assessment was conducted by TQMS jointly for ISWP and JEMCO
  • Safety quizes and positive isolation quizzes were conducted for employees and contractor employees
  • A team of employees visited Tata Sponge, Joda to see their TPM implementation
August 2012
  • August month is being celebrated as Innovation Month
  • Independence Day was commemorated at JEMCO by Flag Hoisting by Mr Pradeep Srivastava, MD ISWP Ltd.
  • JEMCO Hosted the Seminar for IIF on National Foundry Day
  • Suggestion Mela was organized at JEMCO on 28-Aug-12 in which employees participate in large number. Total 207 No of suggestion were received. Winners of the Innofest-2012 were rewarded by Mr. Pradeep Srivastava, MD ISWP Ltd.
  • July is being celebrated as Ethics Month
  • To commemorate the ethics month employees took Ethics pledge along with MD
  • During this month Ethics quiz and Skit competition was also organized in which employees participated with great spirit
June 2012
  • Initiated the implementation of Environment, Health & Safety Management System
  • Conducted Environment quiz for employees
  • Sit & Draw competition was organized for employee's ward in association with Disha Club to propagate the message of Clean and Green environment among small children.
  • Internal Auditors training on ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 was conducted this month to develop the employees are trained auditors for the aid system. The training agency was IRQS
  • June is being celebrated as Environment Month
  • World Environment Day on 5th June 2012 was observed by tree plantation at JEMCO colony and distribution of saplings to employees
March 2012
  • March is celebrated as Safety Month
  • Officers & Employees of ISWP & JEMCO taking Safety Pledge on National Safety Day
  • MD's message on National safety Day and with prize winners of various safety quiz competition.
  • Skit Competition on Safety Organized on national Safety Day'2012. Six Teams from ISWP & JEMCO participated in the event convening safety messages through skit
  • INNOFEST 2012 was organized at Innovation Center on 17th March 2012 celebrating the passion for Innovation. In large scale the employees and their family members participated in the events conducted. The winners were suitably rewarded.
  • Annual Sports was also organized for the employees of ISWP & JEMCO where employees and their family members participated in the events conducted. The winners were suitably rewarded.
February 2012
  • JEMCO organized Vendor meet in which management had interaction with the suppliers and shared its future projection
January 2012
  • Cake cutting at the onset of New year 2012 by Mr. P C Srivastava, Managing Director, ISWP Ltd and Mr. Rakeshwar Pandey, President JWU on 1st of January 2012
  • Inauguration on Innovation Center and Sports Center on 4th January 2012 by Mr H. M. Nerurkar, Managing Director, Tata Steel Ltd
  • BELP programme was consducted for 30 participants from ISWP & JEMCO by TQMS at Platinum Jubilee Learning Center from 12th Jan to 15 Jan 2012
  • TPM consultant Mr Sameer Adhikari of TPM Club of India made visit on 24 – 25 Jan-12 and gave his expert advise for the plant to move ahead in the journey of TPM
  • On Republic day, Flag Hoisting was done by Mr. P C Srivastava, Managing Director and Mr. Rakeshwar Pandey, President JWU
  • Family Get-together of JEMCO & ISWP Officers was organized with fun and frolics. Events for entertainment was conducted for employees and their families members
December 2011
  • The journey of the Tata Business Excellence Model was started with the workshop conducted on TBEM model for officers by TQMS.
November 2011
  • November was celebrated as Quality Month
  • Inauguration of Quality month was done by Mr. Rakeshwar Pandey, President JWU and Mr. P C Srivastava, MD IS&WP Ltd. with hoisting of Quality Flag. During the month Quality slogan competition & Quality quiz was conducted for employees in which the winners were suitably rewarded
October 2011
  • Successfully cleared the Surveillance Audit for QMS (ISO 9001: 2008), conducted by external agency IRQS.
  • 1st Batch of Micro plus certificate course of Basic Computer was started. The batch consisted of 27 participants.
September 2011
  • First time production of large size Adamite roll of finished weight 14 Mt, size 925 X 2200 was successfully casted.
  • Inauguration of renovated canteen “VISVAS”
  • Union Committee members of JEMCO & IS&WP Ltd were given training on Safety for Plant Managers, EMS & TPM.
August 2011
  • JEMCO hosted the seminar by Indian Institute of Foundrymen, Jamshedpur Chapter to celebrate the National Foundry Day.
  • Closing of the Innovation Month was done with Kaizen competition. In which the winning teams were suitably rewarded. Also, 13 No of employees were awarded as their suggestions were selected & implemented.
  • ugust month is being celebrated as Innovation Month
  • On 1st August 2011, the month was inaugurated by Mr. Pradeep Srivastava, MD ISWP by hoisting the flag
  • On 5th August 2011, Suggestion Mela was conducted in which the employee participated with enthusiasm. Total 290 No. of suggestion were received
July 2011
  • July Month was celebrated as Ethics Month
  • TPM development in the company – Employees explaining the Jishu Hozen implementation on the machines to consultant from TPM Club of India on his visit on 25th July 2011
  • Closing of the month was by Skit competition in which ISWP Rod Mill was placed first, JEMCO was second and an ISWP utility was third
June 2011
  • June Month was celebrated as Environment Month
  • During the month Environment based theme, slogan competition and extempore competition were conducted for employee. The family members of the employee were also involved in the celebration
  • On 5th June 2011, World Environment Day was celebrated by drawing competition for children followed by tree plantation. The winners of the various competitions were rewarded on the occasion
  • Curtain raising of the new Safety & Health Policy at first Apex Safety Council Meeting
May 2011
  • A batch of 25 employee from ISWP & JEMCO were trained on Safety for Plant Managers under Safety Excellence Journey
May 2011
  • A batch of 25 employee from ISWP & JEMCO were trained on Safety for Plant Managers under Safety Excellence Journey
April 2011
  • With onset of new financial year Cake Cutting and Website launching were done on 1st April 2011by Mr. Pradeep Srivastava, Managing Director and Mr. Rakeshwar Pandey, President, JEMCO Workers Union
  • April month has been observed as Fire Safety Month.
  • Fire safety training provided to the employees during the month
March 2011
  • March 2011 is being observed as Safety Month
  • A batch of employees participated in the procession on the occasion of Founder’s Day on 3rd March 2011 to pay homage to the Founder at Tata Steel. A float with the product was also displayed in the same
  • 4th March 2011 was celebrated as National Safety Day. Inter-departmental Skit Competition was conducted in which ISWP Utilities & Services Dept. stood first, ISWP Rod Mill Dept stood second and JEMCO Machine Shop got third position. The winners of the Safety slogan Competition were also awarded
  • JEMCO is now being considered as a future business center for castings. It soon may roll out both castings as well as auto castings
  • JEMCO celebrated its Platinum Jubilee on 21st Dec 2010. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Mr. H. M. Nerurkar, Managing Director Tata Steel, as Chief Guest and Mr. A. M. Misra, Chairman ISWP. This Landmark event was marked with inauguration of Platinum Jubilee Learning Center
  • Our initiatives towards Environment took a vertical take off in this year - like green plantation, demolition of old chimney, rain water harvesting installation etc. These efforts are being benefitted - 80 % of JEMCO’s area is green. We are also guided by the Climate Change Policy
  • Improvements are being done for reduction in water consumption
  • Technology upgradation – CNC retrofitting of the existing lathe machine in Machine Shop
  • February 2011 was celebrated as Employees Wellness Month. During this month health Camps were organized at ISWP Hospital and it was decided that during the year, all employees will undergo complete health checkup
  • Platinum Jubilee Annual Sports 2011 was held on 06th Feb 2011 at JEMCO sports ground. The employees and their family members participated and made the event a grand success. The winners of the events were suitably rewarded
  • A programme on TPM facilitator was conducted at JEMCO, from 21st Feb 2011 to 25th Feb 2011 for employees in association with TPM Club of India.