ISWPL has been practicing Corporate Governance & CSR over the years, upholding the Tata tradition and values. The Company has not only put in place the system for compliance of regulatory requirement but also the system for customer satisfaction and meeting the expectations of all its stakeholders. Public concerns with the likely risks to the society are discussed with the neighboring companies and relevant information is shared.

Leadership at ISWPL is committed to the development and upgradation of Key communities around its plant. CSR activities are driven through the CSR Calendar for the year. The company supports “DISHA CLUB” - run by house wives of employees of ISWPL. DISHA is a voluntary organization that undertakes initiatives to work for the betterment of underprivileged members of the society. The company's CSR philosophy focuses on Sports, Education, Culture & Health for Societal Well Being. The union is also sensitized towards CSR activities and helps in serving the needy. The sports complex at ISWPL and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Park near JEMCO are few examples of initiatives taken by ISWPL to support the community engagement activity of ISWPL.

Regular immunization drives are carried out by the company's hospital to benefit the children of employees, company schools and the nearby bastis. Blood donation camps are organized periodically at ISWPL with the help of Jamshedpur Blood Bank. In case of natural calamities the company and its employees contribute under TATA Relief Community to help the victims of natural calamities. One Pre- Nursery School has been opened at JEMCO for JJ cluster of the near by area. The school provides free education along with uniform, study material & free medical facilities to the children. One stitching school has been opened at ISWPL Colony to provide certificate course to the participants and help them to become self sufficient. In conformity with Tata Group policy, ISWPL has adopted the CII Code on Affirmative Action.

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